This stunning NSX Type S is coming up at Silverstone Auctions at 2pm on Sunday 28th July. Full details can be found here

For those unaware the NSX-S ever existed would be excused. Released exclusively for the Japanese domestic market in limited numbers of 248 the chances of seeing one in the flesh are really very slim. This special edition has often been described as the perfect mix between the base model and NSX-R. Blending everyday driving with a more focused driving experience, a more refined Type R if you like.

Released shortly after the displacement hike in 1997 (3000cc to 3200cc) the NSX-S also came in 45kgs lighter than the base model bringing the overall kerb weight down to 1,320 kg. This weight saving was helped in part by the Type S specific BBS lightweight aluminium wheels and beautiful carbon-kevlar RECARO half leather seats.

A 6-speed manual transmission was favoured to suit the more powerful engine helped by strengthened gaskets, crankshaft pins, and piston pins. A stainless steel exhaust manifold, dual-mass flywheel, 16 inches brake rotors, and stiffer suspension also came as standard from the factory, as did a mesh design engine cover (like the Type R) and a coloured roof.

At 10.357 million yen it was the most expensive NSX sold in Japan at the time.

As you've no doubt already guessed the NSX before you is indeed a Type S. Sourced for a client using our Personal Import Service this outstanding example was secured in Japan and shipped to the UK where its been treated to our usual high levels of preparation. The real stand out feature of this car has to be the carbon kevlar RECARO seats, they really are a work of art!

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