Honda NSX-R

Type R Royalty
Honda NSX-R


Anyone who’s followed us over the past 16 years will be aware of our huge respect for Honda. From the lightweight EK9 to the flagship NSX, Honda have produced some cracking cars over the years and the latter is where we’re focusing our attention today.

Fast approaching 30 years since its release NSXs are arguably held in even higher regard today than all those years ago. Produced in relatively low numbers very few actually change hands which is a true testament to how enjoyable they are to own.

Please note: This car is NOT for sale. Find yours via our Personal import service.

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Year 1992
Engine 3.0
Transmission Manual
Bodystyle Coupe
  • 483 produced
  • Aluminium Enkei alloy wheels
  • Recaro carbon-kevlar seats
  • Titanium gear knob
  • Stiffened front sway bar
  • Stiffened suspension bushings
  • Stiffened coil springs
  • Stiffened dampers

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