1. 28,000km Evo III

    28,000km Evo III

    We're experiencing increased attention in early 90's cars particularly classic Imprezas and early model EVOs such as this III GSR spotted at a dealer in Japan. Known for their driver focus, these lightweight pocket rockets are making a strong come back due to their retro design and potential as being a modern classic. 

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  2. Toyota GB's Heritage Fleet

    Toyota GB's Heritage Fleet

    While you might’ have stumbled upon one or two of these gems at car shows or other events, it’s very unlikely you'’ll ever get to see a firm’s entire array of heritage vehicles in one place. Unless you'’re invited down to one of their secret lock-ups, that is, like we were lucky enough to be by Toyota GB...

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  3. A Modern Classic - Impreza STI Type R

    A Modern Classic - Impreza STI Type R

    You couldn't miss the Impreza WRX STI growing up in the 90s, being the car to beat on the world rally stage or between traffic lights, Subaru owes a lot to this brilliant car and legends such as McRae & Burns...

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  4. 90's Rally Icons - 22B vs TME

    90's Rally Icons - 22B vs TME

    Seeing either of these cars alone would be enough to send any of us into a frothy-mouthed fit. But about the only time you’'ll see them together is when you’'re staring at your TV with a PlayStation controller in your hands. Short of being tossed the keys to McRae or Makinen’s actual rally cars, this is about as good as it gets for Evo and Impreza fans...

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  5. Retro Sunny Truck

    Retro Sunny Truck

    There's not much to say about this Nissan Sunny Truck but... "WOW". Unique, retro, cool, its got it all and in abundance!

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  6. Fujitsubo - Japan's No. 1 Exhaust Manufacturer

    Fujitsubo - Japan's No. 1 Exhaust Manufacturer

    In an age where we're bombarded with poorly made and plagiarised products its harder than ever to find companies that have stood the test of time without being forced to compromise on quality...

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  7. Rhesa's Modified Legacy STI

    Rhesa's Modified Legacy STI

    Already very capable in factory form the Subaru Legacy STI isn't the most common base to modify. However Rhesa, the proud new owner of this beautiful Torque GT supplied Regal Blue Legacy STI decided to buck the trend!

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  8. Datsun 240Z (L30, Solex, Fujitsubo)

    Datsun 240Z (L30, Solex, Fujitsubo)

    Very few Japanese cars will stop you in your tracks quite like the Datsun 240Z. And it has to be said this stunner proves just that! Maintaining the elegance of the 240Z is not an easy task when modifying but the previous owner has managed to do a great job with the graphite grey bodywork, adding a tasteful modern twist. 

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  9. The Perfect Honda NSX?

    The Perfect Honda NSX?

    Anyone who’s followed us over the past 16 years will be aware of our huge respect for Honda. From the lightweight EK9 to the flagship NSX, Honda have produced...

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