1. 530bhp Porsche 935 Replica

    530bhp Porsche 935 Replica

    Ok, so its not our usual bag but the force was strong with this one. Based on the iconic 935 racecar this absolute belter of a Porker is actually a 964 (911) in disquise...

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  2. NISMO 400R - Nissan's finest hour?

    NISMO 400R - Nissan's finest hour?

    “I find myself daydreaming about taking it on a road trip to Spa or maybe down to the Route Napoléon. Tokyo, Bathurst, the south of France or Exmoor - It’s all immaterial really. What matters is being in the 400R.”..

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  3. Top 5 power upgrades for your EVO

    Top 5 power upgrades for your EVO

    A question we're regularly asked... "How do I take my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to the next level?... We share our top 5 products below...

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  4. 500bhp Nissan 180SX

    500bhp Nissan 180SX

    Ever wondered what a 500bhp Nissan 180sx may look like? Well, wonder no more as this serious looking piece of Japanese metal is the real deal...

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  5. Product Feature: Soft99

    Product Feature: Soft99

    Ask many a car enthusiast and they will tell you, cleaning your car is as important as proper maintenance... After all, cars drive better when they'’re clean! As such, we'’re big advocates of car care here at Torque GT and Soft99’ products have consistently grabbed the headlines for their award winning results and exceptional value for money.

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  6. Suzuki Cappuccino

    Suzuki Cappuccino

    Japan is home to a number of affordable RWD cars but we've been less spoilt for choice here in the UK unless of course you want an MX5? It is however fun to think outside the box, and the little car in focus today is the perfect example of what's on offer at the Japanese car auctions!

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  7. Garage Rise Demo RX7

    Garage Rise Demo RX7

    We all love a demo car and this monster RX7 created by Garage Rise Japan is an absolute belter. Fitted with the awesome RE Amemiya GT AD wide body kit and Top Secret carbon rear wing this RX7 screams for attention, and it boasts an epic spec list to back it up...

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  8. How to protect your investment

    How to protect your investment

    Rust is a word no Japanese car enthusiast likes to hear. A genuine concern with any import which, left unchecked, can easily land you with an expensive repair bill or far worse...

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  9. Subaru Levorg STI

    Subaru Levorg STI

    Subaru's famous pink STI logo is known across the globe. Up there with the biggest performance brands, if you see a Subaru wearing those three pink letters then you know it's something special. 

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