S15 Spec R

Like most 90’s kids, I grew up spending many an hour on Gran Turismo, and since then I said to myself I will own one of my own JDM cars in the future.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself in the position to make enquiries about a car I’ve always yearned to own, A Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R, I spent weeks researching the most reputable importers in the country, I spoke to friends with imports and one name kept cropping up - Torque GT.

I made the initial enquiries in May last year, spoke to Darren over the phone and discussed my budget and what I’m looking for modification and condition wise, before I knew it the deposit was down and the search was underway.

Darren sent me many S15’s, some I was interested in, however the inspectors in Japan weren’t happy with them, and therefore he told me to leave them be, how many dealerships do that?!

Eventually, and after many incessant E-mails from me, which were responded to almost instantaneously, this one cropped up, and it ticked all of my own personal boxes, so on went the bid and then the wait began, this was done on a Friday so I didn’t expect to hear anything until Monday, but sure enough at 6am Saturday morning, I had an E-mail from Darren conforming we’d won it! I can’t think of anywhere else where you are kept informed of proceedings outside of normal working hours!

From then the process was seamless,  the guys take care of absolutely everything for you, the transport to the docks in Japan is arranged, the unloading once it’s here is arranged, the nightmare of customs and DVLA registration is all taken care of for you, whilst the car was in transit, Darren still answered all of my queries, Josh sourced me some parts I’d requested to be installed by Torque GT once it was here, the only frustrating part is waiting for the boat to arrive!

Once it was here, the guys road tested it and replaced free of charge the parts they weren’t happy with, again, no-one else would even consider doing that!

When I came to pick the car up I was completely stunned, I knew it was a good one but it was genuinely jaw-dropping, even the ideal S15 I’d pictured in my head didn’t look or sound as good as this one.

Anyone who is considering importing a JDM car, I wouldn’t even look at any other company, the service is genuinely unbelievable, the vehicles are absolutely top drawer quality, and not once throughout the entire process did I feel pressured or like I was a nuisance.

If I’m in the position in the future to obtain another JDM car, I’ll be straight back to Torque GT.

Bradley C


I initially purchased a car from Torque GT a few years ago and was extremely impressed, with both the car and the service. Darren and the team were able to answer any questions that I had before making the purchase and the car itself was in a fantastic condition. I was initially nervous about purchasing a car from Japan that I had only seen in auction pictures, however, Darren explained the auction process to me and reassured me that the car would be inspected prior to purchase to ensure that there were no mechanical issues with it.

What I really like about their service is that there is no “hard sell”. Darren and the rest of the team gave me advice to help me make an informed decision that was best for me. I got the impression that they were true car enthusiasts and I never felt like I was under any pressure when enquiring about a car.

Once I decided on the car that was right for me, Torque GT made the whole process from buying, through to collection extremely easy. They also gave me advice and updates on the shipping progress and how the preparation of the car was progressing, prior to collection. As I live in Ireland, they even collected me from the airport to make life easier for me, so I literally had nothing to worry about.

I have since returned to purchase several other cars over the years, both showroom cars, that were already imported, and also through the personal import service. I have not had one single issue with any car that I have purchased and I have been so impressed that I have even recommended them to friends and family, as I believe their service is second to none. I honestly believe that if you decide to buy a car from Torque GT, you will not be disappointed!

John H


I recently imported through Torque GT - my dream car an R34 GTR. After a few chats with different importers as well as my previous experience of importing a car. I decided Torque GT had a service which seemed second to none. Although over 4 hours away from me it didn’t put me off and shouldn’t let you if you’re reading my review. 

Darren, who handled my import was exceptionally professional yet friendly and always on hand to offer great advice. I can’t stress the amount of emails I had sent and how picky I was but Darren was always there to help.

A month or so later, we eventually found a lovely grade 4.5b in the auctions a day or so before it was due to go through. I knew there and then this was the one. The Japanese team provided a full translation, inspections and comments etc before bidding and I was at ease throughout the whole process rather than being in the unknown.

The auction went through on the last day of the week and I wasn’t expecting to hear back on the results until the Monday. Instead Darren took time out of his weekend to let me know at 8am on a Saturday that I was the proud owner of a silver R34 - happy days!!

Roll on a few months down the line, Darren providing me constant updates and photos once it was at their Japanese yard and also once it landed in the U.K. I decided on a couple of service upgrades and an under seal. Josh provided loads of information about different parts I was interested in, prices, fitments, lead times etc and arranged fitting of these all before collection.

These cars are over 15 years old so I was expecting a few problems minor ones if that. The service team gave the car a thorough review and highlighted anything that should be replaced - cv boot joints which they replaced free of charge etc. 

The car was mapped in Japan along with some upgrades. For my insurance purposes it required a BHP figure to determine the performance increases, so to be safe I asked if it was possible to get the car dyno’d. The team took the car down to a local professional mapping company and got the car dyno’d and they also checked over the map as part of the service (I was seriously impressed at this point!)

Collection day - I couldn’t contain my excitement! Darren and the other team members showed me round the car, filled in paperwork and spent a good hour or so going through everything, showing me round the other imports and the compound and just chatting about cars.

All in all a great experience, the car has been impeccable and the after service still to this date perfect with Darren and the team still on hand to answer any of my questions even 5 months down the line after picking it up. 

If you’re thinking about importing a car, I cannot recommend these guys enough. Even though it may be a long car ride down you won’t regret it and the cars and service live up to the high reputation. 

Michael O


After seeing Torque GT import lots of exceptional cars over the past few years, I took the plunge to import a car with them myself. From the very first email they were very helpful. The service is second to none, with myself sending emails on Sundays for a reply on Monday, only to have it replied within a few hours. Once the car was ready to be collected, they arranged for me to be picked up from the local train station . I can't recommend them enough. 

Richard B


In 2017 torque GT imported a Nissan skyline R33 GTR for me from Japan. Torque GT are the best at what they do, from start to finish Darren was sending me updates and photos of the car, any questions I had they would answer and reply quickly. The team are very knowledgeable with years of experience in importing cars. If you are after any parts Josh in the parts dept is your man, he sourced me a tomei expreme ti exhaust & a set of bronze 18" Rays volk racing TE37 saga alloys. Darren even picked me up from the train station on the day I picked the car up. I would 100% recommend them if you are thinking of using them, I know I will be again.

James T

NSX Type S

I contacted Torque GT about their import service & it was immediately obvious that they knew what they were talking about, they put me under no pressure so I paid the £1,000 fee for them to find me a GTR LM.

Darren & Tristan kept me informed throughout the process & brought a few cars to my attention even having one specfic example inspected. Darren called and advised against buying the car as it had high levels of rust. This filled me full of confidence however due to their rarity no other cars became available for quite some time. Just as I was about to give up Darren called as they had been offered a rare NSX Type S. They know I had owned an NSX beforehand & being proactive thought it was worth a call. I jumped at the chance & couldn’t believe the condition of the car when it arrived. I can’t recommend the service highly enough & wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

Matt W


I chose to use Torque GT to source and import a car for me after reading so many good reviews and hearing what a good reputation they have. After using their personal import service it is easy to see why Torque GT has such a good reputation. After speaking to Darren a few times I immediately had full confidence and trust in him which was important to me when dealing with the amount of money involved. The whole process was made so easy from start to finish and the level of service was incredible! The car I now have is a stunning example and in immaculate condition throughout and any extras done by Torque GT have been done to to the highest standard.

If your looking to import a car there is only one place to go, Torque GT.

Paolo D

Red R34 GTR

With the help of Torque GT and their Personal Import Service I managed to get my dream car handpicked by me. The process was simple and hassle free with the heavy lifting done by the professionals at Torque GT.

Kept in the loop at all times with regular, detailed updates and all queries and requests dealt with promptly.

The service was second to none and I highly recommend this to anyone in the market for a specialist Japanese vehicle

Thank you again

Ashley W

DC5 Facelift

I have known Torque GT for 15 years and have imported 3 cars from them during the duration of me knowing them. 1) Nissan Skyline R34GTT - My first foray into the Jap performance car...wow what a car and came standard but very good condition and my first contact with Torque GT in 2004. Mike and Tristan was there answering all my queries and was so friendly and patient with all the multitude of questions. Mike even assembled a great big spoiler for me. Excellent customer services coupled with a great first buy 2) Toyota Altezza RS200 - Kids came along so needed to look for a 4 door car and thought of the Altezza and Torque GT straight away. As usual, high quality and came at a very good price. Usual high standards from Torque GT and painless transaction and great customer services. Honda Integra DC5 - We had a 'dirty' Diesel so thought about swapping it for a car that is good in residuals and also performance. Mike had no qualms helping us and when we had our eyes on a DC5 and the DC2, Darren arranging for both cars to be brought out so that we can make an informed choice, Chose the DC5 Integra because of the colour (Vivid blue) and also the Dog can get into the boot easier ( The things we do for our pets).  The Teg had a few niggly bits to sort out before I was happy taking delivery of it and the team sorted them out before the day of collection. Josh in the parts department was also extremely professional and prompt in all of his dealings with me. In Summary: What a great company to deal with, Yes they are about an hours drive from me but all the pros of dealing with them negate the drive up. All transactions and inquiry are handed with the utmost professionalism but with a friendly disposition. They are a car dealer/importer with a big heart and I get the feeling each time that treating their customers well is their utmost priority. Lovely to deal with and when my boys come of age, their first car will probably be from Torque GT ( Maybe a suped up Micra) With Warmest regards...

Ronnie T


I bought a R34 GTR through Torque GT in 2017, using their Personal Import Service. It was a great experience, and the guys at Torque GT are the real deal! Every question I asked them was answered in very short time, and they made me feel safe when I was going to put so much money in an unseen car. I'm a far away customer (Norway), and I'll never regret choosing Torque GT! The car was like expected and everything went smoothly.

Thanks again, Darren and Torque GT!

Amund D

Euro R

I can’t recommend Torque GT enough, I always wanted to import a car and these guys had the best rep around and they lived up to that reputation from the moment I spoke to Darren over the phone just to discuss the whole process. I went ahead with the process of using Torque GT to import an Accord Euro R CL7 and won at auction over in Japan after I found one that suited my needs and was kept up to date with email and pics most days and was a massive confidence boost not to be left waiting. I was kept updated when the car was in transit and when it arrived and was registered. I was also put into contact with Josh the parts guy at Torque GT and he was amazing at getting genuine parts at good prices. When I went to pick the car up it was better than expected and the team here in the UK and in Japan only pick the best and accept the best that’s for sure. Customer service was second to none and know one should hesitate to get in contact with Torque GT to import a car over from Japan. I’ll be back for sure and recommend you guys to all the people I know are serious about importing a car. 


Sam B


A good friend recommended using Torque GT to source a car from Japan for me. It was not a process I had ever considered before and was unsure what to expect. I needn’t have worried as the whole process was explained carefully and the communication throughout was excellent. The condition of the car exceeded even my very high expectations. I can’t recommend Torque GT highly enough!

Ben C 

Evo IX

I imported an evo 9 through Darren at Torque GT and the entire process was amazing to say the least. I can't recommend these guys enough if you are looking for a special jap car then Torque GT is the only place you can go and not have to worry about what you are going to get! Amazing service which you just don't get anywhere else. Thanks again guys.

Jason D


Recently imported a Honda Integra DC2 through Darren at Torque GT. Couldn't thank him enough! Very knowledgeable team and they have some amazing cars on site.
Brilliant service, answered every question no matter how trivial. Quick response to my emails. Updated frequently by Darren along the way with photos of the car and detailed reports. Thanks to Mike for collecting us from Exeter after we flew down. I thoroughly recommend these guys if you are after something a bit special. Faultless service from day one.

David D


Wonderful service, wonderful people, so so happy with my car! I was kept informed with every step of the process and any questions I had were answered quickly and didn't leave me scratching my head! Massive thank you to Darren and the rest of the Torque GT crew for delivering me a perfect car! Can't recommend them enough! When I import again I'll definitely be using them!

Michael M


Owning a Skyline is every boys dream! It was certainly mine for as long as I can remember and the time had finally come for me to own one. I'd done plenty of research online of importers up and down the country and one name kept coming up trumps with outstanding reviews and feedback.....Torque GT!! 

Fortunately for me they were also pretty local, a phone call later and a meeting was arranged with Darren who would be handling my needs to get the right car!

On arrival it was like car heaven! I half expected to immediately be hounded by salesman like most car forecourts but I wasn’t. I was greeted by Darren who showed me around the place and the perfect examples of the cars they import and the very high standards they have. I was instantly sold and felt very confident I would be looked after and they would get the perfect car for me.

As soon as the process started I was eager to find the right car and although it didn’t come up straight away I was sent options almost daily to give my opinion on. Slowly over time a relationship built up and it felt like it wasn’t so much a business opportunity for them, but more like your best mate trying to help you out, pulling out all the stops to find me the right car! There was a few weeks of bad weather meaning Darren couldn’t  get to the office but instead of being out enjoying the snow like the rest of us he was hard at work from home searching Japan for the best examples he could find, now that’s customer service!!! 

Eventually we found the perfect car, and on the advice and experience from the team we went for it! Then came the long painful wait of the journey from Japan to England, but the whole team kept in contact, reassuring me it will all be worth it, and it definitely was!

Once my car arrived I was again kept in the loop 100 percent with more information on the car, numerous photos and a plan of action. Everything was done as you would expect from any car enthusiast, they certainly exceeded my expectations. Mechanically and visually it was everything I ever wanted and the first drive was everything they said it would be, was worth the wait for sure. I can’t thank the team enough for all their help and advice along the wayand their patience with me and for putting up with me moaning about the wait. They certainly made a boys dream come true.

Ben P

Forester STI

A joy to buy from. The car wasn't one of their super expensive cars. It was probably the cheapest on their forecourt but it was immaculately detailed and had mechanical work done that they could of got away with not doing. But they did It, because I guess those little details matter to them.

They also answered all my emails whilst the car was in transit (all 50 of them), dealt with my craziness well, picked me up from the station and helped me with some work on the suspension to get it just right.

I'd say it was a good mid life crisis purchase.

Bradley H


Recently bought an integra DC5 from here. Great customer service and very helpful. Will certainly be using them again in the future.

Jack G


Perfect, perfect and still perfect. I bought a lot of cars at Torque GT, and each car was perfect. You can buy without a doubt, you will be really happy with your future car ;)

Anthony F


I can't sing the praises of Torque GT enough!

After months of putting it off, I decided it was time to treat myself to another JDM car, something I could keep, cherish and modify to my heart’s content over many years, so I started the process of talking to various importers about getting hold of an S15 Spec R Aero.

Whilst there are many importers to choose from, Torque came out top for me for many reasons - I had seen examples of their imports from friends cars (these were exceptional quality and still going strong several years into ownership), I had also read nothing but great reviews on all the Jap car forums I had come across, and finally because Darren came across as a real enthusiast, patiently answering all my questions, and never failing to keep me updated with everything along the way!

I gave Darren my list of requirements, and he kept me updated on all suitable S15s that were within my budget and coming up at auction, and eventually one came up that I won! The great thing about using an importer like Torque GT is that they do all the hard work - they sorted the bidding, shipping, landing, and UK paperwork so all I had to do was come and pick up my road legal fresh import!

I knew when I travelled down to pick her up that I wouldn’t find any problems with her; I had a lot of confidence in this purchase! Needless to say she was exactly what I wanted, and Darren gave me a quick walk around her where we discussed things that had been noted on her check sheet. Despite the torrential rain outside we still got a mini tour of the “garaged” vehicles too which I was so excited about – it’s great when the sellers are as enthusiastic about their cars as the customers are!

I can’t thank the guys at Torque GT, especially Darren, enough. I sent him so many emails and queries and he replied to everyone, and quickly too! I don’t intend to replace my stunning Silvia, however if I am ever in a position to import an additional stable mate I will be going through Torque GT; and even my husband has said he is now considering another import and would definitely use these guys too!

Thank you guys, I am over the moon with my new toy!! 

Esta-Jane M


In early 2015 I started looking for JDM import which lead me to Torque GT based or previous customer reviews.

This turned out to be a fine decision as almost 4 years later I’ve bought and sold from Torque GT with Darren being my main contact throughout. It Started with a lovely TT6 Supra to an RX7 and now my current import, a Subaru Legacy GT Spec B.

All communications, questions and doubts were answered very promptly &  everything was seamless from initial deposit to collecting the car. The quality of the cars to the pick up/ drop off service from the nearby airport all adds to the experience of buying or selling via Torque GT. The knowledge and experience of all the guys at Torque GT really shows and they love the cars as much as you do.

Highly recommended for JDM imports and parts & I have a feeling I’ll be in contact with Darren sometime soon for my next one...

Craig M


Usually, before buying something that exceeds  1 k€, I spend some time comparing the offers...But it hasn't been the case when I decided to buy my JDM car. Initially, I contacted Torque GT because I needed to find very rare cars for my book about the Type R story: https://honda-typer-book.com/

When I met them, I understood that I had to buy THEM a car, and anyone else. I never saw cars in this condition. Subarus, Hondas, Nissan, very rare models, everything. Moreover, I saw technicians that were REALLY taking care of all the cars, with a smile, of course. These guys are a bunch of passionate people.

But there's more ! In order to homologate these cars in France (I bought a DC5 and then a FD2) there's a lot of stuff to be done. They answered all my questions and solved all my problems.

My final word: if you read this review, you've done the hardest work: finding the right people who'll meet your expectations.

Lionel L