1. Toyota Chaser GT 24V Twin Turbo!

    Toyota Chaser GT 24V Twin Turbo!

    Spotted in Japan... A 1987 Toyota Chaser in all its retro glory! Just imagine cruising around late 80’s Tokyo in this, understated yet alluring...

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  2. Josh's Project EK9 - Part 2

    Josh's Project EK9 - Part 2

    As bad starts go, breaking down the first time you drive a new car is up there. Luckily, it happened on a quiet piece of road and not too far from Torque GT HQ...

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  3. Top 5 Mugen Products

    Top 5 Mugen Products

    Arguably one of the most famous Japanese automotive brands Mugen also offer a range of top quality products for a number of performance Hondas...

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  4. StanceNation Honda S-MX

    StanceNation Honda S-MX

    You're going to love or hate this weeks spotted... where do you start? In stock form the Honda S-MX isn't exactly known for setting one's hair on fire...

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  5. Top Gear - Japan Special

    Top Gear - Japan Special

    Top Gear's Japan Special episode shown on BBC 2 obviously captured plenty of interest here at Torque GT featuring our very own Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Tommi Makinen Edition...

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  6. Best Japanese Investment Cars

    Best Japanese Investment Cars

    Its no secret that Japanese performance cars have attracted a huge amount of interest from collectors and investors. This has fuelled a market that has witnessed values double, treble and on occasions even quadruple!

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  7. What exhaust for my Nissan Skyline?

    What exhaust for my Nissan Skyline?

    One of the most popular changes Skyline owners make to their car is fitting an uprated exhaust system. There are however several options depending on budget...

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  8. V Spec II Nür - Spotted at Best R

    V Spec II Nür - Spotted at Best R

    Spotted in Japan at a highly regarded GT-R specialty store known as 'Best R', this 2002 R34 GT-R V Spec II Nür has had some serious changes internally...

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  9. Josh's Project EK9

    Josh's Project EK9

    Here's something you won't see every day. A tatty looking, albeit largely original EK9 parked under the Torque GT sign. This spot is usually reserved...

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