1. S206 NBR Challenge Pack

    S206 NBR Challenge Pack

    Out of the total 300 produced, 200 were stock S206 cars and just a mere 100 had the 'NBR Challenge Pack' like this example we've spotted, chassis number 119/300!
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  2. 15,000km Nissan Silvia Spec R

    15,000km Nissan Silvia Spec R

    The Nissan Silvia Spec R has become a seriously desirable car over the years and having imported them for a couple decades, we've experienced the cult following grow...
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  3. QJUTSU - Japan's Answer to Ceramic Coating!

    QJUTSU - Japan's Answer to Ceramic Coating!

    Qjutsu ceramic coating's, a series of comprehensive kits designed to provide the ultimate in protection to your vehicle's paintwork that can easily be applied at home, or by a professional application centre...
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  4. RE Amemiya RX-7

    RE Amemiya RX-7

    Whether it's for street or motorsport, RE Amemiya have proven their expertise for decades. Entering the only rotary powered car in the Super GT series in 2006...
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  5. Taking an R32 GT-R to the next level!

    Taking an R32 GT-R to the next level!

    We recently had this stunning R32 GTR return to our workshops for a power increase. Already mildly tuned, our repeat customer wanted to kick things up to the next level with some additional power...
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  6. 9,000km R34 GT-R V-Spec II

    9,000km R34 GT-R V-Spec II

    It's no secret that the R34 GT-R has skyrocketed in value during recent years... If you bought one less than a decade ago you'd be laughing now...
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  7. Subaru Impreza S204 (121/600)

    Subaru Impreza S204 (121/600)

    We love a special edition scooby here at Torque GT, and Subaru has provided their loyal fans with a plethora of limited run models since the 1990s...
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  8. 3,000km FD2

    3,000km FD2

    If you're a Honda connoisseur, its likely you'll be a fan of the brilliant FD2. Awesome to drive many would argue it's the very best incarnation of the Civic Type R...
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  9. Colt Ralliart Version R

    Colt Ralliart Version R

    For ¥952,000 JPY (Just over £6,000 GBP), you could nab one of these little JDM pocket rockets... This one's only covered 60,000km too!
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