1. Modified 300ZX

    Modified 300ZX

    An auto Nissan 300ZX isn't the most obvious choice for a dream project but someone in Japan clearly thought otherwise!
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  2. Daihatsu Copen

    Daihatsu Copen

    This little convertible Kei car has been around since 2002, known as the Copen. The second generation was introduced in 2014, with an all new monocoque chassis, suspension and turbocharged three-cylinder 660cc engine...
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  3. 16,000km DC2 Type R

    16,000km DC2 Type R

    Regarded as the greatest front wheel drive handing car ever built, there's no wonder exceptional examples are going through the roof in value...

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  4. Nissan Be-1

    Nissan Be-1

    Just passed your driving test, but want a JDM car? With 51bhp on tap, you'll struggle to get into trouble in a Be-1!

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  5. Sunny Truck

    Sunny Truck

    Who doesn't love a Sunny Truck? When it comes to cool JDM classics, these humble pickups are right up there! Owners have done crazy things with these including mad engine swaps, Hako front ends, the list goes on...

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  6. Nissan Silvia Varietta (SR20DET Swap)

    Nissan Silvia Varietta (SR20DET Swap)

    You may not even know this existed, a forgotten sibling of the S15 family... here we have a Nissan Silvia Varietta, with only 1143 examples produced for the Japanese market...

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  7. 1973 Toyota Sprinter Trueno

    1973 Toyota Sprinter Trueno

    The TE27 generation of Corolla is a handsome thing! This is the 'high performance' Sprinter Trueno with a fizzy 1600cc under the bonnet...

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  8. 873bhp R32 GT-R

    873bhp R32 GT-R

    This is no garage queen. It's a monster, a true beast from the east. Running... yep, you guessed it; 873bhp, this is Godzilla on steroids...

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  9. Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed

    Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed

    The AZ-1 is arguably the most desirable 'Kei Car' of them all. An increasingly hard car to find in Japan, this 'Mazdaspeed Version' is an even rarer sight...

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