Turbosmart Mounting Bracket For BoostTee And InCabin

Turbosmart Mounting Bracket For BoostTee And InCabin

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Founded in 1997, Australian manufacturer Turbosmart has quickly established itself as a brand that designs and manufactures high quality products which are reasonably priced. Combining innovative design, strict quality control and rigorous testing, Turbosmart are a brand that any forced induction car owner should consider.

Turbosmart’s mounting bracket for Boost Tee and In Cabin Manual Boost Controllers allows you to install your Turbosmart boost controller in a convenient position easily. With no extra hardware, this mounting bracket keeps your Turbosmart boost controller secure and accessible.

Simply attach the mounting bracket using the two included screws and place your Turbosmart boost controller inside the holder. This ensures that all your Turbosmart components are installed correctly and securely while allowing easy access when needed. It also helps to keep wires organized in a neat fashion, further enhancing its convenience.

Whether you’re installing Turbosmart products in an engine bay or cabin, the Turbosmart mounting bracket is the perfect solution for keeping everything in one spot! Get yours today and make the installation of Turbosmart boost controllers a breeze.

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Product Features:

  • Includes 2 x screws to fit
  • Essential accessory for the Turbosmart Boost Controller
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