Soft99 Rain Drop Bazooka 300ml

Soft99 Rain Drop Bazooka 300ml

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Produced in Japan, Soft99's range of cleaning products allow those who drive JDM to clean JDM. Very well priced and boasting exceptional performance, Soft99's products bring Japanese quality to your car cleaning ritual.

Rain Drop is a quick to use and powerful way to get a comprehensively sealed and shiny car. The RAS technology rich formula allows you to apply to a range of surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic trim and wheels, boosting their appearance and giving them a hydrophobic barrier. 

To make it even easier to use, Rain Drop has is designed for use on wet paintwork; simply wash and rinse your car as normal, then apply to the wet surface. It's forumla binds with the water, spreading on the surface and supports drying without streaks or spots. 

Once properly applied, the coating lasts for up to 3 months! Bazooka can be used both as a stand-alone product, but is perfectly suited as a quick detailer for synthetic and hybrid waxes, as well as a booster for quartz and ceramic coatings.

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Directions for use:

1. Wash your car with a neutral pH shampoo to remove all dirt

2. Rinse the car thoroughly

3. By pressing the atomizer trigger * apply optimal amount of product onto wet surface of the car car, and then immediately spread the foam with soft and absorbent microfiber. Remember to change microfiber sides frequently

4. Buff each element with a dry microfiber to make sure that all product remains have been removed

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