Soft99 Glaco Ultra Rain Repellent 70ml

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Produced in Japan, Soft99's range of cleaning products allow those who drive JDM to clean JDM. Very well priced and boasting exceptional performance, Soft99's products bring Japanese quality to your car cleaning ritual.

Resisting friction from windscreen wipers, dust, car wash solution and general wear and tear, it's easy to see why Glaco Ultra is the number 1 selling rain repellent available in Japan. Lasting 6 times longer than the conventional product, Ultra Glaco's state of the art formula (PAT-P) is the most advanced available.

Once applied do not wet windscreen to allow product to cure.

Do not inhale directly. Highly flammable. Keep out of reach of children. 



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  • 1. Clean windows and remove any existing dirt and grime to maximise life span of Glaco Ultra
  • 2. Ensure surface is completely dry before applying
  • 3. Shake bottle well, remove cap and plastic seal
  • 4. Squeeze bottle to dampen the foam pad
  • 5. Rub foam pad in circular motion across the entire windscreen
  • 6. Allow to dry to a haze for 10-12 minutes, then buff out
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