Rigid Collar - Toyota Fitment

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Rigid Collar is an innovation from Spoon. Due to inexact, time efficient manufacturing processes by OE manufacturers, the bolt holes through your chassis panel and subframe are normally too big. When a car leaves the factory, everything is tight and the chassis will hardly move. Over time, these bolts loosen and your car can begin to feel less 'new'. By placing Rigid Collars between the chassis and subframe of your car, you cure this issue, improving the cars overall chassis movement, improving handling, reducing road noise and vibration. Rigid Collar works by  being positioned between the chassis and subframe. Once the bolts are tightened, Rigid Collar is crushed into place between the two, forming a snug and tight bond, reducing movement between the two. Where possible, we sell these as a combined Front and Rear kit, as this is the most cost effective way of fitting Rigid Collar to your vehicle! If you only require a front or rear set, please contact us! Application for:
  • GT86 ZN6
  • Supra JZA80
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