Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo 400R

Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo 400R


We are immensely proud to own one of the rarest Skylines ever created... The NISMO 400R - Just 1 of 44 in existence!

Hand built in NISMO's legendary Omori factory in Japan, the 400R is based on the R33 Skyline GT-R. Honouring Nissan's participation in Le Mans 1995 & 1996, the 400R is pumped full of racing knowhow and development, creating the ultimate GT-R for its devoted followers.

Our example is in QM1 White. The spec list is huge, from bespoke cosmetic features to what's under the bonnet, see the spec below...



  • Special Grill with Exclusive Emblem

  • Front Bumper Air Intake

  • Air Duct for Oil Cooler

  • Brake Air Duct

  • Intercooler Air Guide

  • Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Side Ornament

  • Front Bumper Over Fender

  • Side Skirts

  • Rear Bumper Exclusive Emblem

  • Carbon Fibre LM Bonnet

  • LMGT1 Wheels 18 x 10

  • HID Lighting System


  • Exclusive combination meter (320kph/11000rpm)

  • Triple meter (Boost/Oil Temperature/Front Torque)

  • Titanium Shift Knob

  • 400R Dedicated Steering Wheel

  • Type R bucket seat with NISMO logo


  • RB-X GT2 Engine

  • RB-X GT2 Tuning Items

  • Titanium Exhaust

  • Air Cooler & Oil Cooler


  • Twin Plate Clutch

  • Carbon Propeller Shaft

  • Bilstein Shock Absorbers

  • Titanium Strut Brace

  • Nismo Type 2 Brake Pads

  • Master Cylinder Stop


In detail, the twin-turbocharged RB-X GT2 straight-six is a masterclass in engineering! Designed and developed by REINIK specifically for the 400R. REINIK is the motorsport division of Nissan's drivetrain department, Nissan Kohki, where all major engine and axle components are produced. 

REINIK bored (86mm to 87mm) and stroked (73.7mm to 77.7mm) an RB26 block to achieve the 2771cc displacement. To this, uprated pistons and forged connecting rods were added, along with a forged crankshaft. The cylinder head was reworked to augment flow and strength before being fixed into position with a metal head gasket. N1-spec turbos utilised the new RB-X GT2 engine with a whole host of uprated ancillaries to optimise the setup. These included both breathing and cooling enhancers.

Nismo's engineers decided to ditch the restrictive enclosed air box, replacing it with twin high-flow filters residing behind the left headlight. The large vents on the front and sides of the front bumper as well as the vents in the carbon fibre bonnet channel more than enough cold air flow...

Larger exhaust manifolds, a stainless steel downpipe, sports cat and optimised titanium exhaust (cat-back) expel gases with ease. A Nismo radiator along with a reworked intercooler setup and oil cooler keep operating temperatures in check, leaving nothing to restrain the RB-X GT2 from fully expressing itself. A meaty twin-plate clutch, chromoly flywheel and carbon prop shaft were also added to the five-speed transmission layout for good measure.

As you probably gathered from the 400R name tag, all of the above sees this Skyline produce around the 400bhp mark, 395bhp (at 6800rpm) to be exact. Align that with the 347lb ft of torque generated at 4400rpm and what you have is one of the best pound for pound street fighters ever to emerge from the Nissan stable.

The Nismo 400R isn't just about outright pace though and this is where we come back to that point about grip and agility. As well as coming with the supremely clever advanced four-wheel drive (ATTESA ET-S Pro - Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All-terrain with Electronic Torque Split) and four-wheel steering system (Super HICAS High Capacity Actively Steers), the 400R was also endowed with Bilstein dampers and Nismo Type D springs to firm things up and bring the Skyline about 30mm closer to the tarmac. A Nismo titanium upper front strut brace plus stiffer engine and suspension bushes also helped reduce movement.

The stunning 18x10 LMGT1 wheels sport blue Nismo logos and are set-off by polished lips. Behind these gorgeous alloys are the stock GT-R Brembo calipers and discs... Nismo engineers decided they were up to the task of handling the additional performance. However, Nismo pads were added and a master cylinder stopper provides a firmer, more reliable pedal.

Tasteful 25mm arch extensions were added on the front and rear seeing the Nismo creation grow 50mm wider in total than a stock GT-R. These extensions continue onto the aggressively vented front bumper too, while bold side-skirts, a clean but substantial rear bumper and adjustable carbon fibre rear wing complete the 400R's aero improvements. Oh, and there's that sculpted bonnet of course. The exterior is perfectly finished with flashes of vinyl down each flank and numerous 400R badges throughout.

These little touches continue into the cabin where Nismo logos have been stitched into the seats, a titanium gear knob resides in the centre console, a carbon fibre-esque 400R badge centres a Nismo leather race wheel and the gauges and main instrument panel are significantly more race-inspired than the stock GT-Rs. Most notable is the 11,000rpm redline. Standard GT-R models display a 10,000rpm limit.

Drama is what the Nismo 400R provides! Only 44 out of a planned 100 were ever built due to R33 production being ceased in 1998. And granted, the fact it was a hero car in the Gran Turismo gaming series helped make it famous. But it's the engineering brilliance, its perfect blend of brute force and handling finesse that make the Nismo 400R an icon in our book...

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