Fujitsubo Super Ex Exhaust Manifold - Honda Civic EK9 / Integra DC2

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Established in 1931, Fujitsubo have been manufacturing exhausts in Japan for many years, providing them with the sort of experience that’s required to craft some of the best exhausts on the market. A JDM brand in the purest sense, the quality, fitment and performance of their systems is second to none.

The Super Ex series of exhaust manifolds are the result of extensive in-house testing by Fujitsubo in Japan. Each header is perfectly designed to give the optimal flow of gasses to offer improved power, throttle response and exhaust note for each application. Perfect fitment is guaranteed.

Fujitsubo's Honda B-Series 4-2-1 SuperEx manifold features 42.7mm primaries, combining into 50.8mm secondary's and finishing at a 60.5mm (2.4") collector.

The included fitting kit comprises of everything necessary to fit.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • 1.77" Primaries, 2.4" Collector
  • 4-2-1 Design
  • Full fitting kit included
  • 4.8kg lighter than OE
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