Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME


Here at Torque GT, we're proud to offer this stunning Grade 4.5 Tommi Mäkinen Edition, boasting full service history... Now ready for its new home!

First registered in December 1999, this example was imported into the UK in August 2016 and kept in storage since its arrival… It has had just one Japanese owner and one UK owner.

Having been part of the TGT Collection for some time - We now need to make room for a new addition…

The Tommi Mäkinen Edition is arguably the most sought-after Evolution. A Passion Red example with the 'Special Colour Pack' is the holy grail... This 'SCP' includes 'Works' stripes and decal kit, only being available from the factory on red cars.

There's few cars as easily recognisable as the Tommi Mäkinen Edition. Looking like it has come straight from the rally stage this is a car that screams collectible JDM icon! This is exactly why we've witnessed values appreciate faster than Tommi Mäkinen himself... it attracts interest from car fans and collectors all around the world.

At first glance the TME may appear to many as an Evo 6 with a sticker kit, dig a little deeper and you’ll realise there’s far more to it…

Launched as a limited series model to commemorate rally ace Tommi Mäkinen’s prodigious feat of winning his fourth consecutive drivers championship title in the WRC, the Evolution VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition was also designed for optimum performance on tarmac and features interior and exterior trim reflecting a WRC theme.

These cars look fast even when they're not moving. Immensely purposeful with an aggressive bodykit, spoiler, bonnet vents and white Enkei wheels, you realise just how much rally DNA Mitsubishi has transcended into their road car!

Truly worthy of the Tommi Mäkinen name, being a star of the 90's these rally cars for the road won't look out of place in your supercar collection and won't struggle for attention. Ironically, in the real world, it would probably be the fastest thing you'd own...

Service Records:

10,735 km Dec 2002
19,453 km Nov 2004
20,653 km Apr 2005
28,353 km Dec 2006
34,907 km Dec 2008
37,870 km Dec 2009
38,101 km May 2010
42,095 km Dec 2010
44,611 km Apr 2011
52,388 km Dec 2012
59,912 km Nov 2013
62,173 km Dec 2014
64,838 km Dec 2015
66,499 km Sep 2016
67,479 km Nov 2019
67,753 km Oct 2022


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Year 2000
Mileage 42325
Engine 2.0
Transmission Manual
Bodystyle Saloon
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Power-assisted Steering
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Limited slip differential
  • Rear Spoiler
  • UK Conversions
  • Underbody Protection
  • Oil and filter service
  • 130 Point Vehicle Inspection
  • UK Registration
  • BIMTA mileage certificate

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