Tomei Timing Belt Guide - EJ20 EJ25

Tomei Timing Belt Guide - EJ20 EJ25

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As with many aftermarket part manufacturers, Tomei was born out of competitive motor sport and has since gone on to create some of the most sought-after JDM parts on the market. With a sharp focus on innovative product design, enhanced performance and reasonable cost, Tomei represents some of the best aftermarket parts that money can buy.

Since the horizontally opposed engine has an explosion interval of 180°, there are moments when none of the cylinders are camlifted. Therefore, if a high cam with a large lift is installed, the belt will vibrate violently and in the worst case, frame skipping may occur and the valve and piston may interfere with each other.

The genuine engine is also equipped with a belt guide, but since it is made of sheet metal processed from a plate material, there is a problem with strength and the moment the guide deforms without being able to hold down the belt, frame skipping occurs.

Tomei products are manufactured by machined aluminium to ensure strength and by extending the guide part, the amount of belt wrapping is secure, preventing fluttering of the belt due to sudden torque fluctuations and surface treatment. The hard alumite prevents the guide from wearing due to the back contact of the belt.

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Product Features:

  • Prevents frame skipping in high lift cam equipped engines
  • Manufactured from machined aluminium
  • Direct replacement for standard Subaru guide