Tomei Full Cast Turbo Outlet Pipe - RB26DETT

Tomei Full Cast Turbo Outlet Pipe - RB26DETT

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As with many aftermarket part manufacturers, Tomei was born out of competitive motor sport and has since gone on to create some of the most sought-after JDM parts on the market. With a sharp focus on innovative product design, enhanced performance and reasonable cost, Tomei represents some of the best aftermarket parts that money can buy.

After thoroughly reviewing the old product that was dented as a relief for the compressor housing and intake pipe, Tomei has renewed the design with more consideration for smooth exhaust efficiency from the beginning.

In addition, the material used is SUS316, which has higher heat resistance than the conventional SUS304, in accordance with the strict usage conditions of RB26DETT.

The end result is an elbow set that dramatically impoves the exhaust gas flow efficiency, promoting improved power and response.


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Product Features:

  • Large 66mm exit diamter
  • Highly hest resistant SUS316 constructtion
  • Smoother exhaust gas flow improves response
  • Significantly reduces exhaust pressure
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