Tomei Expreme Turbo Elbow - Skyline R32 / R33 / R34 GTR

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As with many aftermarket part manufacturers, Tomei was born out of competitive motorsport and has since gone on to create some of the most sought-after JDM parts on the market. With a sharp focus on innovative product design, enhanced performance and reasonable cost, Tomei represents some of the best aftermarket parts that money can buy for Japanese cars.

The factory Skyline RB26DETT turbo elbows are small and restrictive, increasing secondary pressure which in turn causes power loss and lack of response from the turbos. Tomei's Expreme RB26DETT turbo elbows have been designed with larger internal diameter to imporve exhaust gas flow efficiency and turbo response.

The complete one-piece design and SUS304 Stainles steel construction ensures a smooth, high quality finish that offers the best possible performance and reliability.

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Features Include:

  • Increased flow capacity and larger diameter
  • High quality SUS304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Fitting kit included
  • Complete one-piece design
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