With the start of the 21st century already behind us, the environment surrounding the automobile industry and the state of consumers' minds are changing at a rapid pace. Cars are now, no longer just tools for moving or carrying people and objects. Rather, people are starting to look for cars to bring them comfort and enjoyment, enabling them a better quality of life. Our company is based on this understanding and originates from the concept of developing and producing products to be able to bring out the best of driving. Through our tireless development efforts to create the most advanced products, we have been able to build a high reputation within the market.
Since the partial revision of the safety regulations for automotive after-market products in 1995, the market has received further interest, requirements for planning, quality, price and safety has increased. In order to maintain the confidence we have established in the market for our products, we plan to expand further our field by reinforcing our planning and development skills with utilized knowledge we have accumulated. We will also hone our development skills as a suspension manufacturer in order to increase the quality of our products, with three key words in mind: "Safety", "Reasonable Price", and "High Quality".