Speedometer Basic Converter Chip

Speedometer Basic Converter Chip

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A Japanese Domestic Market vehicle will have a speedometer and odometer reading in Kilometers, not Miles. No great issue if you plan on keeping the car totally original, or you're driving on European roads, but less ideal if you want to use the car regularly on UK roads and want an accurate idea of your speed and mileage.

A simple solution are these speedo converter chips. Each one is used to convert the application vehicles standard speed pulse, changing the signal from KMH to MPH. Once installed and connected to the vehicle speed pulse wire the software contained within the unit will convert the speedometer reading on the dash from KMH to MPH and cause the Odometer to start clocking up in miles* with no additional modification to the speedometer cluster required.

Each chip is specifically tailor made for the application vehicle and should only be installed in the vehicle it is intended for. Installation instructions are provided with each chip, however they should ONLY be installed by a competent auto electrician.

Other applications are available to order, but not listed. Contact us if you can't see your application listed.

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Please note: In order to convert your existing odometer reading and avoid having a mixture of KM's and Miles, additional work is required. This is something that we are able to carry out in house. Contact us for more info.

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