Millers Racing Brake Fluid 300+ 500ml

Millers Racing Brake Fluid 300+ 500ml

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Millers is a family owned, UK based company that develops engine oils and fuel additives for both commercial and domestic markets, as well as catering for motor sport applications. Their performance lubricants are proven in race series such as the Civic Cup and Caterham Championship, giving you absolute peace of mind in the quality of their oils.

Racing Brake Fluid 300+ is an extremely high boiling point brake fluid. It provides exceptional resistance to vapour locking and good compresibility for improved pedal feel.

Designed for use in racing and high performance braking, 300+ utilises and extended DOT 4+ formula, making it suitable for high performance road and track day use.

Sold in 500ml bottles.

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  • Enhanced high temperature performance over DOT 4
  • Dry boiling point of over 310c in comparison to the 230c required for DOT 4 fluids
  • Robust against water absorption, improving resistance to vapour lock.
  • Mutually compatible with all fluid meeting the same spec
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