Link G4 Xtreme ECU

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The Link G4 Xtreme, Link's most powerful engine management system ever, equals or betters any ECU on the market. Whatever the application, the G4 Xtreme's advanced configurability enables today's complex engines to be optimised. Flexible options over the control of inputs and outputs allow the user to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices.

Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or high RPM or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions.

Requires "A" & "B" Looms.

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The G4 Xtreme (black) offers the ultimate in engine management.
  • A beautiful new robust metal enclosure
  • Integrated mounting bracket that is invisible once mounted (easily unclipped with release holes)
  • Eight peak and hold injection, user definable, 10 amp peak, 3 amp hold
  • Mixture map, closed loop fuel correction. Automatic control via two O2 sensors
  • OBDII compatibility
Upgrades Are Now Included
  • E-throttle. Previously an upgrade for the red Xtreme e-throttle is now standard in the G4 Xtreme black ECU. Use any e-throttle and pedal combination. Fully programmable e-throttle control complete with gear shift control and throttle blips
  • Knock. Internal digital knock "windowing". Detects knock using factory or after market knock sensors
  • Logging. Was 15 channels, now 100 channels of logging included
  • CAN. Now user defined and supports two independent CAN modules
  • Traction Control. Controlled tyre slip to improve vehicle safety, drive-ability and performance
  • Eight saturated injection drives, eight ignition outputs, 11 analogue volt inputs, 10 digital inputs, 10 auxiliary outputs *
  • Four temperature inputs
  • Two, thirty four pin, waterproof connectors
  • External, 3, 4, 5 or 7 bar, MAP sensor (sold separately)
  • CAN / RS232 port
  • Fast tuning with keyboard driven commands
  • Six hundred pages of help on "right-click"
  • Powerful logging analysis built into PCLink
  • Tabbed, user configurable layout
* Unused injection and ignition drives can be used as auxiliary outputs.
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