Limited Edition NSX Type R Anniversary Poster

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With 2017 marking 25 years of the Type R, Torque GT wanted to offer something special to mark the occasion.

These hot Honda's have a cult following globally, and with good reason. Whilst many Japanese manufacturers spent the late 80's and early 90's producing turbo charged engines for their flagship performance models, Honda stuck to their guns and released the original generation of  Type R model's, with their famously high revving naturally aspirated engines, light weight and simple designs.

Heralded by the super car slaying NA1 NSX-R and closely followed by the surprisingly capable EK9 Civic, DC2 Integra and CH1 Accord, each model is recognised as an iconic car in it's own right, be it through racing success or popular culture.

To celebrate the anniversary, we've designed and produced these blue print style A2 posters. Each design will be produced in limited numbers, and features a simple white outline design on thick black paper and includes the model type at the bottom.

These NSX posters are limited to 100 pieces. Frame not included.    

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