Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II Nür

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Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II Nür


2000’s V-Spec II added bigger brakes and a carbon bonnet, but the real show arrived right at the end of GT-R production in 2002 when Nissan released the GT-R Nur.

Nissan built just over 1000 Nurs, just under 30 per cent of them were more road-biased M-Spec cars, and the other 70 per cent were stiffer V-spec cars like this one. What they both shared though is the very special RB motor up in the nose.

All Nurs got Nissan’s legendary N1 version of the RB26 straight six originally designed for competition use. That meant a thick-wall block and special N1 pistons, rods, crank and turbos. The list goes on.

Please note: This car is NOT for sale. Find yours via our Personal import service.

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Year 2002
Engine 2.6
Transmission Manual
Bodystyle Coupe
  • 718 produced
  • Improved RB26 engine
  • Reinforced cylinder block
  • Reinforced piston
  • Larger turbochargers
  • 300 km/h speedometer
  • Gold VIN plate
  • Gold valve covers
  • Gold colour engine cover

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