Honda Civic Mugen RR

Civic Goes Hardcore
Honda Civic Mugen RR


The Mugen RR took us all by surprise. The FD2 Civic Type R that it’s based on seemed hardcore enough. So hardcore in fact, that Honda deemed it too track-focused for European buyers. The four-door saloon was kept for the Japanese domestic market only and we were supplied a rather soft, awkward-looking FN2 hatch Type R instead. So, when Honda announced its official tuning partner, Mugen, would be producing 300 no holds barred Mugen RRs, most of us were a little taken aback.

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Mugen RR - 'Honda's Hardcore Weapon' 

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Year 2007
Engine 2.0
Transmission Manual
Bodystyle Saloon
  • 300 produced
  • Carbon fibre bumpers
  • Aluminium bonnet
  • Mugen camshafts
  • Mugen exhaust system
  • Mugen ECU
  • Recaro SP-X seats
  • 18 inch Mugen wheels

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