Hybrid Racing Slim Oil Cap - Grey

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Hybrid Racing are a US based company created by enthusiasts who wanted to offer the absolute best Honda K-Swap parts possible. Since their launch in 2003, they've expanded their product range to also include direct replacement parts for modern Honda performance models. All of their parts are high super high quality, using only the best materials and cutting edge design techniques.

Hybrid Racing set out to design a unique oil filer cap that was totally different to anything else on the market. The result is a cap that takes inspiration from the aerospace industry. A beautifully crafted oil cap that is not only clean and simple, but features an easy to use handle that makes removing and re-fitting easy. This folds flat to offer improved rocker cover to hood clearance.

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  • Slim design for Increased valve cover to hood clearance
  • Designed to be easier to install and remove
  • Yes, these caps fit all D, B, H, F, J & K covers!
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