HKS Legamax Premium - GR Yaris

HKS Legamax Premium - GR Yaris

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HKS specializes in aftermarket high performance parts and is perhaps the most well known aftermarket brand in the world. Formed in 1973, and named after the founders Hasegawa, Kitagawa, and Sigma, HKS began tuning engines and cars. Their vision was to tune and manufacture engine components that surpasses OE Manufacturers. They now produce some of the highest quality aftermarket parts on the market, with some of the most innovative design available.

Legamax Premium mufflers offer the performance benefits of a sports muffler with the class and elegance of a premium muffler. Every tail pipe design is customised per application to ensure that muffler has impact and becomes a focal point in the appearance of the vehicle, yet blends with the overall design of the car. Legamax Premium mufflers are constructed of SUS304 grade stainless steel to give a high lustre finish which is durable. Some applications also incorporate the latest automotive fashion trends by featuring titanium tail tips which adds to the premium appearance with its distinct look.

New Black Exhaust Tail Tip
Adopts a newly designed tail tip that has undergone ion plating with excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Black color and HKS laser engraved.

Combine both comfortability and sport sound
Providing comfortability at usual use and a distinctive sporty sound during acceleration.

Comfortable aftermarket exhaust
In the daily speed range, the exhaust sound volume is not just a big but also comfortable. You can enjoy dry sporty sound by stepping on a gas pedal.

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Product features:

  • Optimized tip for each vehicle model.
  • High quality and JASMA approved.
  • High quality SUS304 for further durability.
  • Proven "Advantex* glass wool" (Continuous fiber glass wool).
  • Including center pipe.
  • Not compatible with RS (1.5L FF) and the vehicle with the GR rear bumper spoiler.
  • Compatible with the vehicle with the standard 17-inch tires of the RC grade, but does not meet Japanese regulations.
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