Hardrace was founded in 1998, specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for racing and street car. Enthusiasm of high speed and precise control lead us to the area of reinforced chassis parts. Professional drivers test all of our new products at the track under extreme condition.

According to their feedback, we response to their demand and make necessary modification immediately until it is 100% safe and provide outstanding performance to our customers. Stand on the passion of innovation and insistence of quality, we provide the finest products to our customers by using the latest raw material and technology from harden bushes to anti-dust pillow ball suspension arms.


Quality, Reliability and Stability of the reinforced rubber parts are HARDRACE's priority. Since, all of our products are installed under the car, bears its weight and strength. Weak suspension parts lead to loss of control simultaneously disaster is going to happen. In order to avoid its happening, our products' quality is the most we have in mind, and is our responsibility to provide our customers safety equipments. Presenting our customers with a safety outstanding performance parts, all of our products are sampling examined through Rotorless Rheometer and Tensile Strength Tester to ensured quality and stability.


In order to provide high precise and high quality products, HRADRACE use 3D drawing technology to development each new product. Through 3D technology, we can simulate new products' angle, dimension, shape and actuation to improve design accurately. Our research team test different way and try to find out any defect may on it and also fix it. After that, we ensured our product will be enhance and strengthen the chassis of the vehicle without affecting the original chassis specifications. Improve driving dynamics and drive comfort.