In an age where we’re bombarded with poorly made and plagiarised products its harder than ever to find companies that have stood the test of time without being forced to compromise on quality to stay in business. Throw planned obsolescence in the mix and you can see why so many products are thrown away after 2 minutes.

Thankfully Fujitsubo are one of these few companies who place quality above all else. Established in 1931 Fujitsubo’s spirit to… “produce the highest quality products”… is as clear to see today as it was 86 years ago. Its unsurprising they’re the most respected performance exhaust manufacturer throughout Japan. Respect is also at the very core of Fujitsubo’s values pronounced by a gold statue of the founder proudly marking the factory entrance that sits beneath the imposing mount Fuji-san.

Starting his career in motor racing the founder moved into manufacturing through a desire to produce the highest quality parts whilst improving performance.

Only a few minutes into our tour around the factory and we’re already blown away by the operation. All parts of the manufacturing process is handled in-house, from research and development to the end product its a seriously impressive set up that inspires confidence in a product we’ve become well aware of over the 16 years of importing performance cars from Japan.

Much to our surprise their expertise is rated so highly that certain well known car manufacturers outsource to Fujitsubo to manufacturer their very own OEM exhaust systems. Further into our tour and you can understand why with Fujitsubo continuously pursuing advanced technologies. A chassis dynometer, 1/3 octave band sound analysis device, and other specialised equipment are utilised to accumulate important data from the latest technologies.

Increased productivity through advanced 3D laser processing machines and automated pipe benders. Strict quality control with CCD cameras, image analysis software, and 3D CAD. Cumulative performance analysis through actual vehicle testing. This type of research, development, and production structure has led to the Fujitsubo patented exhaust manifold.

Whilst at Fujitsubo HQ we managed to get up close with a seriously cool Datsun 240Z. Restored around 10 years ago the condition was stunning both on top and underneath. Currently the test car for Fujitsubo’s latest incarnation we were lucky enough to see the fitted system in all its glory. Researched and developed on Fujitsubo’s own test track it was a perfect example of the patience and craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing their systems.

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, titanium and touches of carbon a huge range of systems are available from 70’s performance icons such as the Datsun 240Z to the modern day Toyota GT86 and Nissan R35 GTR. We’re yet to find a Japanese model that Fujitsubo haven’t covered in some shape or form.