Eibach Pro Kit Fast Road Pack - EP3 / DC5

Eibach Pro Kit Fast Road Pack - EP3 / DC5

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Renowned for high quality suspension components for manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, AMG, McLaren, Lotus and Noble to name but a few, Eibach are a company with many years of automotive experience. Their aftermarket suspension parts are some of the best on the market, offering true motorsport developed products for thousands of applications.

The addition of a set of Eibach Pro-kit springs, camber adjustment bolts for the front and camber arms for the rear reduces the cars ride height and gives a greater level of adjustment to the vehicles caster and camber.

Once professionally set up and aligned, these minor changes offer a more planted feeling, giving you far more confidence in the cars ability to corner and is widely regarded as the single best modification you can make to a Type R!

Please Note: In addition to these parts, you will require a full geometry setup! We strongly recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable specialist to carry this out.

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  • Progressive springs improve handling without sacrificing comfort
  • Reduced ride height lowers center of gravity
  • Wider range of adjustment to both caster and camber
  • Please Note: This setup is only suitable for Pre-Facelift DC5 Integra Type R models, not Facelift models. It will fit all generations of EP3 Civic Type R.
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