OIL! It's crucial for any engine. In this feature we focus on the Honda Civic EP3 Type R. Being such a popular model a common question we're asked is... 'What oil do I use for my EP3?'... We list our most recommended oils below...

Standard Servicing Oil

Fuchs Titan GT1


A premium service oil formulated with modern petrol and turbocharged engines in mind. Formulated to allow for faster circulation and excellent wear protection for camshafts and tappets.

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Millers Trident


Formulated to meet the very latest engine oil service requirements, Trident offers full protection even over long service intervals. Designed to circulate quickly, even at cold temperatures. Excellent value for money.

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Fast Road & Track Use

Fuchs Titan Race Pro S

pro s

Ester based performance oil, designed with the fast road or track enthusiast in mind. Recommended for high performance engines where consistent power output and reliability are needed.

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Millers CFS NT+ Nanodrive


Ideal for an out-and-out track car or big power car. Essentially the same as the CFS, but with an additional additive pack that offers a further increase in lubrication and performance. 

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Related Products

HAMP Synergy Oil Filter

The most popular oil filter available for Hondas, the HAMP offers excellent performance, quality and affordability.

£7.70 - Buy Now

HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter


The best aftermarket filter we’ve found. Improved filtration and a super low resistance element offer superb performance.

From £19.20 - Buy Now

Spoon Oil Filler Cap

spoon cap

The Spoon oil filler cap is a great addition to any EP3 Civic engine bay. Manufactured from billet aluminium.

£72 - Buy Now