Japan is home to a number of affordable RWD cars but we've been less spoilt for choice here in the UK unless of course you want an MX5? It is however fun to think outside the box, and the little car in focus today is the perfect example of what's on offer at the Japanese car auctions!


Suzuki's goal of re-creating a sporting image for the brand started in 1987. A project car was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show two years later for the first time. In 1991 the Suzuki Cappuccino officially went into production advertised as... "fulfilling one's dream of owning a stylish and very affordable 2 seater sportscar".


The Suzuki Cappuccino is one of those delightfully honest cars that has nothing to prove. Coming under the Japanese Kei Car category it weighs a feather light 725kg's and is powered by a turbocharged, three-cylinder, 657cc DOHC engine producing 63bhp. The tiny numbers don't tell the full story... this is a small car with a big personality!


Each time you get behind the wheel of a Cappuccino it feels like an event, and you dont need a coffee to stay alert (Apologies for the poor pun!). Its three-cylinder engine happily revs to a zingy 8,500 rpm. Known for their superbikes it's as if Suzuki have borrowed the rev gauge straight off a GSXR topping out at 12, which frankly is just silly... in a good way.


Due to the lack of kerb weight, it makes the most of it's tiny output with enough 'GO' to make it feel genuinely entertaining. Also the driving position is fantastic, sitting low to the ground you feel like you're in a go-kart. The classic sports car layout adds to the experience and rear wheel drive helps it handle sweetly.



Another great thing about the Cappuccino is the flexibillity of the roof, theres 3 options... roof up, partly dismantled to create a T-bar configuration or go full convertible. Out of it's three modes having the roof fully down opens you up to it's cheeky character. The fact you can store the roof neatly in the boot is a huge bonus in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.08


We think this car makes a great case that you dont need massive power to have fun, particularly when 50mph feels like 100mph! It's limits aren't unobtainable and thats when cars become truly alive, on the limit... Plus if the suns out, you've got a million miles of head room, what's not to like?

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