What happens when you own a Nissan Silvia Spec R, sell up and instantly regret it? This is the exact situation Brett found himself in and after considering his options decided the only solution would be to own another one. After hearing about our Personal Import service he was dropping us a line and keen to make his dream a reality. This bespoke service offered Brett the opportunity to own an S15 to his exact requirements whilst ensuring he secured a top example. There was however one aspect that had Brett concerned, how would the Personal Import service work considering his home address was nearly 1500 miles away on the coast of Spain?



Thankfully, shipping cars around the world for nearly two decades has offered us plenty of experience with cars heading to the USA, Australia and even Turks and Caicos. This swiftly put Brett's mind at ease and the search was underway. Given how difficult high quality S15s are to find nowadays we were all surprised when we managed to secure a lovely example within a matter of days. Pearl white and in top condition we were able to realise Brett's dream a lot sooner than expected... or so we thought. Due to the nature of our Personal Import service we tend to build strong relationships with our customers through a shared admiration of Japanese cars and our personal approach to this service. Consequently, it wasn't long before we got onto the subject of Brett's 'master plan' and before we knew it we were briefed to build a Spec R that was perfect for the street. Responsive, punchy whilst usable for everyday driving, this was the type of project our head technician Paul relished.


Fast forward several weeks and the build was in full swing. The majority of parts were supplied via our online store and work was carried out at the Torque GT workshops. Our first priority was to fully forge the SR20 engine for reliability's sake, with components from top brands such as Wiseco, ARP, ACL and King Racing. Soon after we were fitting a Garret GT2871R turbo, a selection of premium breathing and power upgrades from Tomei, Fujitsubo and  HKS, followed by cooling upgrades from Mishimoto. Handling mods followed including a set of MeisterR coilovers plus a stage 2 Competition Clutch kit to handle the increased power. The whole build was rounded off with a Link plugin ECU and ancillaries. (Scroll to bottom for full spec.)





After a map and a few final tweaks, collection day was upon us and Brett was on his way over from Gibraltar. Perhaps surprising to some but collection day is often just as exciting for ourselves. Anticipation, excitement and an eagerness to give their new car a spin is often the journey of emotions experienced by the new owner and the longer the wait the greater these emotions intensify!


Brett's collection day was as exciting as you'd expect plus an extended 'scenic route' back home gave him plenty of time to start exploring the Spec R to its full potential.


A couple of weeks after collection day we recieved this thumbs up from Brett...

"The experience with Torque GT has been great, always keen to help and I could tell they were just as excited about the build as I was. It's been a great journey right from the start. Their can do attitude and friendly staff made this project extremely fun and straight forward, being that I am 1,500 miles away, they were always responsive and helpful!"


Follow Brett's story on Instagram at @s15_on_the_rock

Full spec list:

- Garret GT2871R 0.6 4A/R
- Wiseco 0.5mm oversized Pistons and K1 rods
- King Racing Main and Con Rod bearings
- ACL Thrust Bearings
ARP main stud and head stud kit
Tomei MLS headgasket
- Tomei N2 Oil Block Adaptor
Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers
- Tomei PONCAM’s
Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold
Tomei Expreme Turbo Elbow
AEM Fuel Pump
Deatschwerks 740cc Injectors
- Splitfire Coilpacks
- NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
HKS Type S Intercooler and hard pipes
HKS Super Power Flow Intake
Fujitsubo RM-01A
Fujitsubo Front Pipe
- Decat
- HEL 13 Row Oil Cooler
Mishimoto Radiator
- Nissan Water Pump and Thermostat
Link Plugin ECU and 3 Port Boost Solenoid
AEM UEGO Wideband
AEM Boost Gauge
AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
AEM Oil Temp Gauge
Competition Clutch Stage 2
Competition Clutch Lightweight Flywheel
MeisterR ZetaCRD+ Coilovers
- Driftworks Adjustable Arm Kit
- Rota GTR Alloy Wheels
- Yokohama AD08R
EBC Brakes all round
- Vertex steering wheel
- NRG Quick Release
Nismo Smoked Side Repeaters
- Stripe Kit

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