Already very capable in factory form the Subaru Legacy STI isn't the most common base to modify. However Rhesa, the proud new owner of this beautiful Torque GT supplied Regal Blue Legacy STI decided to buck the trend! Only interested in premium parts, he initially expressed an interest in fitting a Legacy Genome STi exhaust but unfortunately, as with many older STi parts, these have now been discontinued and are only available second-hand, and even then are rare as hen's teeth.

Enter Fujitsubo, who manufacture an almost identical exhaust called the Legalis Super R. Its well known that Fujitsubo make systems for OE manufacturers and tuning houses in Japan (the current generation of R35's all come equipped with a Fujitsubo manufacturered exhaust from new), so it's entirely possible both theirs and the Genome systems are one and the same.

After confirming that this was exactly what he was looking for, we had one shipped direct from Fujitsubo Japan and fitted to Rhesa's car whilst carrying out our usual UK preparation work.

Next up, suspension. Rhesa was interested in reducing the ride height and improving performance, but wished to maintain a degree of comfort. After discussing a variety of options, he decided that Ohlins R&T suspension hit the brief. Supple enough to soak up small imperfections on UK roads, they offer excellent levels of performance when pushed hard, making them well suited to a car that needs to straddle performance and practicality.

Last but not least, the brakes. Rhesa ideally wanted something that would offer excellent cold bite and withstand some abuse, but didn't sacrifice any of the day to day usability. We discussed a variety of options, but settled on an EBC Yellowstuff pad and USR slotted discs package which is ideal for fast road use.