The Estate. ‘A car with a large carrying area behind the seats, accessed by a door at the rear’. Thats the general consensus of what an estate is. Manufacturers around the globe have taken this fairly dull sounding recipe and created some genuinely great cars that are fun and involving to drive. 

Think of a fast estate and you'll likely think of cars like the Audi RS6 or other refined European machines. However Japan have had their own ideas, putting into production some truly wonderful JDM machinery over the years. 

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We often have clients who are keen to import a vehicle which is fast yet practical and popular choices sourced through our Personal Import Service include Forester STi’s, EVO IX Wagons, Legacy STi’s etc…but how about an estate with a GT-R engine? 

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Well the Nissan Stagea 260 RS is the car to fulfil that request. Running the infamous RB26 engine and five speed box found in the R33 GT-R it is truly a wolf in sheeps clothing, you could call it 'A GT-R in Disguise’. 

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So did Nissan just plonk the engine and gearbox in to a standard stagea and hope for the best? I think not, remember this is Japan, where the RS got treated to further goodies. Like it’s Skyline cousin it got the AWD ATTESA system, LSD, Brembo brakes, body strengthening and uprated suspension. 

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Thanks to the RB26 power supply, out the box performance isn’t to be sniffed at but due to the bullet proof engineering it’s not unusual to see these Stagea’s running 500+ bhp on the streets of Japan…transforming them into supercar slaying monsters. 

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On top of the epic specification of these vehicles theres the bonus factor that they are super rare, with Nissan only making 1734 Stagea 260 RS’s of which 434 were finished Pearl White (QT1) like the example we have here.

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Theres no getting away from the fact that this car is vast! From most angles it makes an impression. It’s one of those cars that most people won’t be able to identify, a true sleeper, but it will make those in the know produce a silly grin!

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