Excellent in standard form, the DC5 Integra and EP3 Civic Type R's are in our opinion two models that will go down as JDM classics. Light, agile and twinned with the exceptional K20 engine, they make a great platform for fast road or occasional track cars, with bags of potential that can be unlocked with relatively minor modifications.


Many owners start chasing power, but we don't feel this is the best bang for buck option. Instead, building on an already impressive ability to handle the twisties can be a much better place to start. With the standard suspension designed to offer a good mix of performance and comfort subtle improvements can take the handling to the next level. And a quick search through the various Type R owners clubs for 'Fast Road Setup' will verify the dramatic improvement this simple change can make. So what's actually involved?


First of all, the addition of a set of firmer springs drops the ride-height, bringing the vehicles centre of gravity down whilst also reducing body roll. Now that the car sits lower, the standard caster, camber and toe will no longer be optimal. In their standard form, it's not possible to fine tune a DC5 or EP3's geometry, so the addition of camber bolts for the front and camber arms for the rear is necessary. Once fitted, a specialist will be able to align your wheels to pre-determined settings. Every specialist will have their own opinion on what's correct here but most importantly your setup should be tailored to your driving style and what you intend to do with the car.


These relatively minor changes give your Civic or Integra a far more planted feel, affording you more confidence in the car's ability to corner. When coupled with some good quality tyres, it quickly becomes apparent why this is such a popular modification!

Due to the benefits of having a Fast Road Setup are abundantly clear, we’'ve put together a FRSU package for both the EP3 and DC5 at an improved price!

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