Think of rallying in the 90's, the McRae & Makinen era, fierce battles between Evos and Imprezas. Looking at the prestigious history these cars carry means whenever a new road going model came along we all got excited! Perhaps nervous too, wondering how an earth the new model could be better than the current one. 


Mitsubishi have released a long line of ballistic missiles for the road, from the very first Lancer Evolution launching in 1992 all the way through to 2007 with the launch of the 10th generation, known as the Evo X. Since 2007 there have been several versions of the X with different power outputs and limited editions depending on which part of the world you live in.


In 2015 however a significant version was released, named the Final Edition and thats exactly what it is... The very last Evo to roll off the production line, the end of a heroic era!



Based on the Evo GSR, this five-speed-manual-only edition comes with black leather Recaros with red accent stitching, 18-inch BBS wheels, Bilstein and Eibach suspension components and Brembo brakes, along with the requisite "Final Edition" badging and a numbered dash plaque. Only 1,000 were made for the Japanese market. 



The example we have here is number 380 of 1000, sourced for a personal import customer here in the UK. Running 303bhp and 305 lb⋅ft out the box it's A to B capability is as strong as ever. 



When you start to flex your right foot you can immediately tell the Evo DNA is loitering within. It has that classic Evo trait of immediately giving you confidence. That hero factor is real, making you feel like you're Tommi Makinen! Of course you have to keep reminding yourself you're not infact Tommi Makinen when clipping an apex at licence losing speeds!



Theres no doubt the Evo X is a thrilling machine but it's definitely far more refined than Evo's of old. Everything feels smoother, less raucous. Any icon deserves to be remembered and respected… The Evo X Final Edition gave the Evo a send off it deserves with a car worthy of ending a long line of Evolution.   



However this may not be the last time we hear the Evolution name. Its next step is likely to be in the form of some sort of electrified crossover / SUV. Very ‘un-evo’ but demand for larger sport utility vehicles is ever more apparent in today's world.


The next step maybe more efficient and technologically advanced but it’s unlikely it will punch as bigger mark in automotive history as previous generations!


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