Torque GT are super excited to announce ourselves as UK distributors for Dixcel and to celebrate we're offering 10% off the entire range until 31st July. Highly respected throughout Japan, Dixcel manufacture advanced braking solutions that are extensively involved in a number of motorsport series around Japan and Asia, including Super Taikyu, D1 Grand Prix and GT3 Series Asia.

dixcil brakes

Everything learnt on track is fed back into R&D, leading to a range of race-winning products. With a catalogue to suit a range of budgets and requirements, we've cherry picked products that we know will prove hugely popular with JDM fans that love to brake later! From OEM+ to top level race we're now holding a huge amount in stock, ready for immediate dispatch.

ES Brake Pads

ES Pads

ES (Extra Speed) is DIXCEL's affordable street pad, offering improved performance over the standard replacement pad, without braking the bank. ES is the perfect pad for anyone who uses their car day to day and enjoys the occasional spirited drive.

  • Designed for fast road use, with better than OEM braking performance
  • High fade resistance makes for stable brake performance
  • Scorched pad friction surface to improve bedding in process
  • Non-asbestos and non-steel compound
  • Operating temperature of 0-600℃
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Z Type Brake Pads

Z Type Pads

We're seeing a steep increase in performance vehicle owners using their cars for daily driving and occasional trackdays. The problem commonly faced is that street pads aren't tough enough to work properly under constant hard braking, and track pads seldom work from cold effectively. To get around this, DIXCEL took a selection of high performance, road going vehicles and set to work running extensive road and track trials. The result, is the Z Type pad.

Z Type is a true Street and Circuit crossover pad, offering a much higher friction level and effective operating temperature compared to standard or ES Type pads, whilst also working from cold.

  • Designed for Street or Track use
  • Consistent performance, even from cold
  • Stable braking and a high fade resistance
  • Graphite metallic friction material
  • Operating temperature of 0-850℃
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Circuit and Race Pads

Through their extensive involvement in motorsport, DIXCEL learnt that no one pad compound is right for each and every vehicle, track and driver. A different combination of these will require different performance characteristics. As a result, DIXCEL produce 3 similar yet different pads to try and cover any requirements you may have on track, depending on your needs and the vehicle you're using.

Specom A


  • The same pad type as used in the Super GT race series
  • High friction, high stability compound, even at high temperatures
  • Carbon semi metal pad composition
  • Initial bite of 0.55µ
  • Average µ of 0.43~0.48

Specom B
  • Modified version of the Specom A
  • Lower friction compound, but much greater pad life for endurance events
  • Carbon semi metal pad composition
  • Initial bite of 0.48µ
  • Average µ of 0.40~0.43 

Type RA
Type RA
  • Designed to sit between the Specom A and B, Type RA offers consistent friction regardless of conditions
  • High level of braking control with superior initial bite
  • Effective temperature range of 200-900℃
  • Initial bite of 0.51µ
  • Average µ of 0.40~0.45
  • Ideally suited for amateur sprint events

PD Type Brake Discs

PD Discs

Intended as a high quality premium replacement for factory brake discs, DIXCEL's PD rotors are precision designed to meet and exceed the requirements of factory brake discs. Featuring a precise mixture of additives in the disc material, each rotor has a high resistance to durability, heat and cracking. Each disc comes with DIXCEL's own anti-corrosion coating to limit the spread of unsightly surface corrosion to the brake disc bell, keeping them looking fresh behind the wheel for longer.

  • High quality OEM replacement brake discs
  • Improved durability and resistance to heat
  • Applied with anti-corrosion coating
  • Improved disc life
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SD Type Brake Discs

SD Discs

Exactly the same as the PD type, but with precision machined grooves for greater friction and improved performance. After extensive testing, a 6 slot design with a specific angle, depth and width of slot was chosen. This specific combination was shown to be the optimal for improving friction, whilst also taking into consideration other factors such as pad wear, noise and gas ventilation. The rotors can be installed with either slots facing forward or in reverse. Reverse rotation offers the best possible amount of braking friction, but sacrifices pad life, whereas forward rotation will slightly reduce effective friction but improve pad life.

  • All the high quality benefits of the PD rotor, including durability and heat resistance
  • 6 slot design increases friction by up to 20%
  • Can be installed in either forward or reverse rotation
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HD/HS Type Brake Discs


Physically identical to the PD and SD rotors, HD and HS versions are put through an additional heat treatment process during manufacturing phase. This extra treatment stabilizes the bonds between the elements in the cast iron, optimizing the surface hardness which improves braking response and prevents disc distortion and strain. These discs are intended for race circuit drivers and track enthusiasts who need a rotor that has a higher resistance to heat stability compared to standard discs.

  • Heat treated versions of the PD and SD rotor
  • Optimized surface hardness, creating a better resistance to heat and improved performance
  • Available in blank (HD) or slotted (HS)
  • Special order items and NOT stocked in the UK

FP/FS Type Brake Discs


Developed for and proven in the Super Taikyu endurance race series in Japan, the FP and FS type rotors increase the carbon content of the disc by 20% compared to DIXCEL's standard formula. This increased carbon content, along with DIXCEL's own heat treatment process, has produced a significantly improved disc that is highly resistance to cracking and distortion. Supplied as either replacement rotors for vehicles which use 2-piece discs or as a one piece rotor, featuring 6 slots (on one piece rotors) or 6, 8 or 12 slots on one piece rotors. Designed for the very highest performance road and race vehicles.

  • High carbon brake discs for increased strength
  • Heat treated to resist cracking and distortion
  • Available as a replacement rotor for vehicles with 2 piece discs, or as a one piece, direct replacement rotor for OE discs.
  • Special order items and NOT stocked in the UK

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