2019 marks 50 years of one of the most celebrated and revolutionary models to come out of the Japanese automotive industry, actually scratch that... the worldwide automotive industry! Of course we are talking about the Nissan Skyline GT-R.


By 1998 the GT-R brand was well established with four incarnations of the Skyline GT-R in existence, the KPG110 (Hakosuka), KPGC110 (Kenmeri), R32 (Godzilla) and R33. It is the fifth generation R34 GT-R though that is often regarded as the greatest incarnation of all time.


Offered in a variety of flavours within it's 4 year production, there was the base model GT-R, V-Spec, V-Spec N1, V-Spec II, V Spec II N1, M-Spec, V-Spec II Nür, M-Spec Nür and finally the Z-Tune. This stunning R34 GTR we sourced direct from Japan with 17,400 miles and finished in iconic Bayside Blue is our focus today.


This was THE poster GT-R. If you didn't have one of these on your bedroom wall then you were likely not born yet. Heroic from every angle it was the car every player desired in Gran Turismo and although I'd hoped not to mention a certain 'Hollywood franchise' you can't ignore that the GT-R stole the show and helped push it further into the limelight.


You're most likely aware that under the bonnet is the iconic RB26DETT, a 2.6 litre straight six which delivers its performance slightly differently to modern day performance cars, which only elevates the overall driving experience. Get to around 3,000 rpm, the turbo's begin to spool and that famous RB26 howl starts filling the cabin. Keep your foot planted to the redline and the noise is intoxicating. It's hugely addictive and leaves no doubt as to why the GT-R has reached its legendary status.



When it comes to cornering the R34 is more than capable. The ATTESA four wheel drive and Super HICAS setup was so advanced upon release that it literally blew away the competition for the several years that followed. There's always a reassuringly planted feeling with how the R34 GT-R handles.



GT-R's are notorious for being closer to 320bhp than the 280bhp quoted from the factory, plus the RB26 has masses of tuning potential. Their popularity amongst street and track tuners has become synonymous with the brand with many running well over 500bhp and on rarer occasions north of 1000bhp!



At 320bhp the factory performance is rather modest by todays standards, but the feel good factor is in a different league and with some well considered tuning it has the potential to slay the opposition.



Even when stationary the R34 GT-R has immense presence. Those muscular rear quarters and unmistakable rear lights help grab unrivalled attention and its not uncommon for petrol heads to walk straight by Porsches and Lambos to sneak a peek at an R34 GT-R in the wild.


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