Often referred to as the EP3, this popular Honda Civic Type R is a modifiers dream. With a wide choice of OE and after market parts available from leading Japanese performance brands here are 9 awesome upgrades you can do to your EP3 right now! Alternatively browse all EP3 parts here

1. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter


With EP3's becoming more popular as an affordable track car, subtle imrovements to the driving experience can make the world of difference to those lap times. The Hybrid Racing shifter offers improvements to the gate spacing, throw, and even the position of the shift knob. Perfect for nailing those split-second gear shifts!


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2. TEIN Street Basis Z Suspension

TEIN Street Basis Z Suspension


TEIN Street basis coilover suspension offers the biggest bang for your buck. Considerably cheaper than just about every other named brand suspension on the market, you get a full vehicle setup with ride height adjustability.Spend a little more get the Street Advance Z damping adjustability as well!


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3. HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System


Despite it's high revving K20 engine, in standard form the EP3 can sound a little underwhelming. A decent exhaust is always a great addition if you want to hear that VTEC sing, and we really like these HKS Hi-Power systems. Very well priced and offering the sort of exhaust note you'd like from a racey hot hatch, they certainly tick all the right boxes.


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4. Hybrid Racing K-Series Plug Cover

Hybrid Racing V2 Formula Coil Pack Cover - K-Series


A lovely addition to your engine bay, the Hybrid Racing plug cover is manufactured from laser cut aluminium and black powder coated to finish.


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5. Spoon Reservoir Cover

Spoon Reservoir Cover


Brake fluid can damage your engine bays paint, so catching those drips is important. The Spoon resevoir socks catch any wayward fluid when you're topping up and add a nice bit of colour to your bay.


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6. Spoon Rear View Mirror

Spoon Rear View Mirror


Offering a wider field of view, these nifty Spoon glass inserts also reduce unwanted glare thanks to their blue colour. Installation takes all of 5 minutes, making them a super easy and functional mod.


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7. Dixcel Type ES Brake Pads


Dixcel Type ES Brake Pads


Need new brake pads for your EP3 Civic Type R, but don't want to spend silly money on track pads or fit budget specials? Dixcel ES is the perfect solution. Offering better friction that your basic replacements, but at a cheaper price than performance pads, ES are an awesome budget friendly fast road pad.


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8. HEL Brake Lines




HEL Brakes Lines


The difference a set of braided brake lines makes to braking performance is incredible. Removing that unpleasent squidgy feel through the brake pedal, they're a must-have modification for EP3 Civic's. Add some quality brake fluid and a decent set of pads and you'll be amazed at how well your factory brakes can perform!


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9. Hybrid Racing Gear Knob


Hybrid Racing Gear Knob


Each of these beauitiful shift knobs are made from a solid piece of billet aluminium, lathe turned to precession and finished in a range of anodized colours. A quick sandblasting to get the desired surface and a laser etched logo finish each item.


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