A question we're regularly asked. How can I make my DC5 faster? We list our top 5 below...

1. Fast Road Setup (FRSU)



Usually our first response to..."How can I make my DC5 faster?"...is to improve the handling. And the best bang for buck comes with a fast road set up package. Corner like you're on rails!

  • Eibach springs (PFL only)
  • Eibach camber adjustable arms
  • Eibach camber bolts

£345.00 - Buy Now

2. Fujitsubo RM-01A


Another fantastic option is a Fujitsubo exhaust system. This top end Japanese exhaust manufacturer produces a superb stainless steel system that comes in lighter than the standard system but also helps kick out greater bhp.

£780.00 - Buy Now

3. TEIN suspension


Coilover suspension can take a cars handling to the next level. Properly set up you will notice a massive difference to the DC5's cornering ability. We're huge fans of TEIN not only due to the build quality and ease of fitment but also their affordability and the fact they're authentically Japanese!

£420.00 - Buy Now

4. PBS pads

PBS Pads

Brake later into corners and watch those lap times come down! An uprated pad is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your DC5's performance and PBS produce a superb brake pad for the DC5 that consistently receives high praise for track and street use.

£129.00 - Buy Now

5. Hardrace engine mounts


Want to improve a DC5's driving characteristics? Hardrace engine mounts are designed to reduce engine and gearbox movement whilst also keeping excessive noise and vibration to a minimum. 

£399.60 - Buy Now