Product Feature

  1. Dixcel Brakes - Official UK distributor

    Dixcel Brakes - Official UK distributor

    With a catalogue to suit a range of budgets and requirements, we've cherry picked a selection of products that we know will prove popular with JDM fans that love to brake later!

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  2. Fujitsubo's FK2 Ti exhaust

    Fujitsubo's FK2 Ti exhaust

    Despite having been superseded by the FK8, it’s fair to say the FK2 is still a relatively new car to the market. With both utilising...

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  3. Fujitsubo - Japan's No. 1 Exhaust Manufacturer

    Fujitsubo - Japan's No. 1 Exhaust Manufacturer

    In an age where we're bombarded with poorly made and plagiarised products its harder than ever to find companies that have stood the test of time without being forced to compromise on quality...

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  4. Rhesa's Modified Legacy STI

    Rhesa's Modified Legacy STI

    Already very capable in factory form the Subaru Legacy STI isn't the most common base to modify. However Rhesa, the proud new owner of this beautiful Torque GT supplied Regal Blue Legacy STI decided to buck the trend!

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  5. Fast Road Setup Package

    Fast Road Setup Package

    Excellent in standard form, the EP3 Civic Type R is in our opinion one of the most capable hot hatches available on the market whilst being relatively affordable. Light, agile...

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  6. Top 5 power upgrades for your EVO

    Top 5 power upgrades for your EVO

    A question we're regularly asked... "How do I take my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to the next level?... We share our top 5 products below...

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  7. Product Feature: Soft99

    Product Feature: Soft99

    Ask many a car enthusiast and they will tell you, cleaning your car is as important as proper maintenance... After all, cars drive better when they'’re clean! As such, we'’re big advocates of car care here at Torque GT and Soft99’ products have consistently grabbed the headlines for their award winning results and exceptional value for money.

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  8. What oil for my EP3?

    What oil for my EP3?

    OIL! It's crucial for any engine. In this feature we focus on the Honda Civic EP3 Type R. Being such a popular model a common question we're asked is...

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  9. 5 ways to make your DC5 Faster

    5 ways to make your DC5 Faster

    A question we're regularly asked. How can I make my DC5 faster? We list our top 5...

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