At the Heart of Arrow Precision

Quality. Innovation. Performance. The hallmarks of Arrow Precision. Only the highest quality raw materials, the latest methods and the knowledge of superbly skilled designers and engineers goes into the making of every Arrow Precision part. Constantly experimenting on behalf of our ultra-performance-oriented customers has led to the development of several product innovations that raise the level of extreme performance. 

Using their combined years of experience, the design team produces bespoke, race-proven designs for crankshafts, connecting rods and other engine components. Working closely with customers, the team produces full 3D models and manufacturing drawings from early concepts. FEA testing of designs can be done to show how loads from combustion and inertia will stress and deform the rods and crank as well as how vibrations may affect the components, and can indicate of the validity of one design over another for a given load case. 

Manufacturing Excellence

We specify only the highest quality materials from mills in Western Europe to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. Before machining is undertaken, detailed drawings are produced to confirm material specs, bushing requirements, dimensions and fastener types.

Ensuring our customers know exactly when their parts will arrive, we schedule the approved design in the machine shop to assign an accurate delivery time. The same determination to reach our own high standards of excellence are given to every customer whether we produce one part or hundreds.